the parade

the campout

1. why yes, russ will buy your overpriced and under-researched book about secret combinations thanks for asking and walking up and down the parade route like a newsie.
2. charity g-chats her army dentist boyfriend who just got deployed to Iraq.
3. bethany and her hair school buddies put the mannies to good use, aka stuffing them into sleeping bags so they could go cruise for some boyzz.

the actual parade: much like the last 10 years we've been going...
you can see collin's interview with fox news about it here.
best part of the parade was when chad and his family showed up from chicago!

oh, and we got Pixel Popped! i love it when that happens!


Ashley and Chris Miles said...

spin spin spin spin spin good times!!

Wendy said...

You are the funniest writer Emily! If I ever need a biography written about my life will you do it?

Danny and Shalayne said...

I am so glad you still do the parade too!

The Taylors said...

nothing beats the good old Provo parade. Our hubbies have the same TOMSHOES! got to love Blue cord

Alex said...

You laugh about it now, but when we are all living in bomb shelters with nothing but our knowledge of the illuminati to feed our families, you will thank the Good Lord for the day Muffin bought that book.

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