a coke and a smile

ever wonder how much soda your husband really drinks?

we got a 32 gallon trash can so we could start recycling our cans.
this was TWO weeks ago. it is now almost full.
now, i take full responsibility for the pellegrinos... but the rest... all russ.

can you die from too much soda intake?
i'd like to have my husband around at least a few more years.


Sara said...

Lol.. sad to say, but my husband does the same thing. The recycling guy likes us..

journeytojohanssontown said...

I hope not, cuz if that is the case start saying your goodbye's to Chad.

Becky Nielson said...

I worry about this too. All my husband drinks is Mtn. Dew. I swear it's in his veins.

Kit said...

Em, we gotta figure out a way to sweeten up water for him in a way he would like it, without the bubbles....

I am afraid he will be 3 " shorter than he is now at age 50 and looking like the hunchback from Notre Dame from all the calcium his body is pulling out of his bones and putting into circulation to neutralize the acid!

All soda drinkers: PLEASE watch the demo on pH and pop at www.BalanceAndHeal.com!

Colett (*.*) said...

that is too funny, how does he not weigh 300 lbs? Also I hope you have a good dental plan. if you find a way to break the habit, let me know. I have been on and off the Diet Coke wagon too many times to count.

jasmine said...

hahahahaha! that's hilarious! and i LOVE the pellegrino sodas. lemon is my favorite. they're so refreshing and tasty. i kinda want one now...or maybe a root beer. i want something out of that trash can!

Bean said...

Your husband and mine could fill the dump all on their own I think. :)

Maybe have him switch to diet....that will help a bit.

Kat Clark said...

My husband's urine is the color of Mt Dew because that is all he drinks. It's disgusting. You would think since he's a doctor he would know better!

collin said...

Nic Lowe is the only person I know who drinks more soda.

jenna said...

i love you.

if what you say is true andrew and i both will be shrunk to nothingness. oops.

Kent and Leisy said...

the sugar intake alone will do him in. wow- that's a lot of pop.

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