date night

we've got big secret plans the rest of the weekend,
but i will let you in on sunday night's schedule:

{annie leibowitz for vanity fair}

but, for tonight we're keeping it just the two of us...

which one is a must see?

funny people
500 days of summer
julie + julia (my choice, russ would rather eat sand.)
the time traveler's wife


Trent & Emily Davies said...

I have heard that alot of people love 500 days of summer so that would be my choice! Have a good weekend!

jasmine said...

i did NOT like 500 days of summer. weird, right?? i guess i would still say see it though...it has a really great soundtrack and wardrobe, and there are funny bits. i just thought that if zooey's character had been a man, the movie's reception would have been SO different. it was sort of hypocritical.

i am personally dying to see julie & julia. levi has no interest either. so one night, i'm going to see it while he sees g.i. joe. perfect date night! hahaha!

Jen said...

500 Days of Summer. Absolutely.

Auntie Em said...

Time Travelers Wife - GRRRR... I saw a matinee, I'm not sure what I thought it was good but left you with a *sigh* feeling

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

i haven't seen time traveler's yet, but the first three are all good choices. i loved 500 days of summer, but one of the things I really like about funny people is that it had a story behind it. it wasn't just people acting stupid and saying gross but funny jokes. it was funny jokes+good acting on adam sandler's part (which i wasn't expecting)+good story+seth rogan. need i say more?

Colett (*.*) said...

500 days of summer was fabulous! Funny People is supposed to be very dark, I dont have much interest in the others

Kat Clark said...

I think I am too late on this comment but whatever. I say either 500 days or time traveler because they are love stories and would probably make you want to make love. And there is no better end to a date night then that. Creepy? Maybe. True? Yes.

Lindsay said...

Silly Emily, you could call me at 3am and I would love to talk. Please call me whenever you want!

jenny said...

I hope you saw 500 days of summer & I hope you bought the soundtrack. Julie & Julia is good too... Amy Adams is kind of whiney but Meryl Streep is super funny.

Melissa Lundquist said...

I'm glad you guys like to go to the movies.

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