another one bites the dust.
one of my best friends since junior year in high school, kim, is moving to LA this week and we had to see her off the only way our friends know how...

dana, lindsay, kim, me, nicole (36 weeks!)

i just love kim. she is such a solid, loyal, hilarious, kind, and thoughtful friend.
i will miss her so much!

just for the laugh, i was thinking about...

01. first conversation with kim (that i can remember) she gave me "sloppy firsts" to read (hilarious), and let me use her neon pink nail polish... all during 11th grade english.

02. her hand gestures, i.e. "theory" with air quotes.

03. that all-nighter we pulled at the airport -- yanking her by the boxers out of my sister's car so she wouldn't pee on the interior.

04. trying to run on a treadmill at 10 mph, backwards. she immediately fell onto her butt, the belt shot her out and she smacked the wall... and then peed.

05. diet coke with lime and becky's quesadillas -- freshmen 15 was alive and well.

06. sharing a room, separated by a sheet, at the pink house.

07. always laughing. always. i think this sparked the rumors that we were drunk at high school graduation. we were just happy to get the H out of there!

08. when i'd come home from a date or going out and kim was reading her scriptures or kneeling down for a prayer.

09. every 5th period class ever.

10. the door-jam-side-hug incident with russ.

thank heavens for g-chat.


kara jo haught said...

emily you look beautiful!

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

oh man! i love this post, and not just because its about me, but there are so many things i'd forgotten about.
i'll miss you.

becca said...

i found your blog through...hmm, now i can't even remember. but i like it. i'm going to finally see 500 days tomorrow. i hope i like it.

Nicole Christensen said...

Thanks for throwing in the fact that im 36 weeks. YIKESEYS!!!!!!!! I could be mistaken for a whale..

chari-o said...

so i'm guessing that car kimmo almost peed in was mine?? thanks for pulling her out in time! geesh!

and i'll toast to that thanks heavens for gchat.

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