over already?

sure it's still 95 degrees, but something about seeing kids waiting at bus stops with backpacks twice their width makes me really start to feel summer coming to an end.

last concert of the summer
{okkervil river | iron + wine}
august 20, 2009

one thing i will happily see summer make an exit for is graduation!
i applied and was accepted for December 2009 graduation, got 3 classes left for fall, and then i am out of there. it was such a long haul (5 years)... i've been going to school at nights and on my lunch break for so long i don't really know what to do with myself after this?


Annie said...

the sole event that caused any homesickness for al. and congratulations at graduation! 5 years seeming pretty good to me right now.

Rose Red said...

Both those bands are amazing live, that will be a great show.

I'm am so excited for fall and going back to school!

Logan said...

I bet you are so excited to be done! Congrats on being super close. Hang in there, you'll make it!

jasmine said...

that's so awesome! congratulations, emily!!

The Red Crew said...

i remember when eric and i used to go to concerts and go on dates and I remember graduating from college....oh wait. Haven't done that. Congrats! That's really exciting to be finally done!

Lindsay said...

quit rubbing it in! I will still be there! If you ever need to come visit just come find me in the CS building! Thanks

Kent and Leisy said...

congrats em! you'll find PLENTY to do once you graduate :)

collin said...

yeah, they're called doctors.

oh, wait...it took me 5 1/2 years. Nothing like sitting in my office generating online leads with my framed "BS in Exercise Science" diploma on the wall.

a.me said...

I like the way you can wear that hat and it doesn't look ironic at all. I wish I had such talent. I like your blog!

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