proj run

the month of august is a bad time for T.V. -- it's in limbo if you will.
i was really excited for mad men, and when that turned out to be a soft-core bust (was last season as bad as the premiere or was i just desensitized?) i thought all was lost...

but wait, how could i forget about project runway?

is anyone else watching? these were my top picks...

louise || carol hannah

maybe it's a little 2003, but it's BEAUTIFUL
and i think it should have won.

as for the rest of you:

mitchell -- stick to business and stop biting your nails. they look wet from here.
ari -- two words. zetus lepetus.
nicholas -- promising... can someone give him some voluminzing mousse?
louise -- alright we get it, you like vintage.
malvin -- creepy like Malan Breton
shirin -- this season's Kenley? already annoying.
ra'mon -- loved his dress. he'll be around.
christopher -- got lucky. you don't know what "rouching" is? geez...
gordana -- that dress = jcpenney.
irina-- my bet for the finale. i know it's early.
johnny -- are all recovering addicts that needy? wipe yourself off the floor man!
qristyl -- groan...
logan -- yummy. but his dress was fugs.
althea -- currently on the fence. she's alright i guess.
carol hannah -- sure your name is unfortunate, but you're GOOD.
epperson -- love him! he needs the couture challenge stat.

who do you like?
i want to hear some early bets!


Jene and Megan said...

Wow! You know your first episode..I watched it too but I didn't remember half of those people's names..haha! I don't have any picks quite yet because like I said, I barely remember the names let alone what they did!! I'll have to watch more carefully next episode!!

Emily Frame said...

i take P.R. veerry seriously. obviously. ;)

Jene and Megan said...

oh and P.S. I loved the "zenon" lingo!

jasmine said...

we haven't watched it yet. it's waiting in our DVR for us, but we definitely plan on being hooked this season. i've never seen mad men, but i think i'll skip it.

Trent & Emily Davies said...

So I am a newby when it comes to PR. Unfortunately this is my first season but after only 1 episode I am so hooked. I couldn't get over wimpy used-to-be druggie. I seriously had to fast forward through his meltdown.

I love love love Carol Hannah. And Qristyl...barf...

Maybe I will have more insights after episode 2!

journeytojohanssontown said...

Malvin must go ASAP, I thought he would end up in the bottom with that burlap number. I did love ramon and dreadlocks, their dresses were great, the funny thing about the smocked number was that it looked terrible even on the dummy, it was a nightmare from the start. I kinda wish it would have fit the model just so he didn't have that excuse. There enough rant.

Kat Clark said...

Did you just quote Zenon?! Haha!

Brooke said...

I was in Provo for two days for a funeral and really wanted to see you girls while I was there and then, I got the stomach flu- and so did the kidos- I didn't even got to the funeral. I'm coming the week of the 15th in Oct. for Chari's wedding- lets all go to dinner- you know the ususal.

linds jo said...

thats hilarious...tell robbie we have no idea what hes even talking about:-)

Tyler & Brittany said...

I love that you love this show too! I love it! The people are crazy but I love to see what they come up with!

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