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*let me first preface this post with most all other houseries posts... muffin did all the work.
*2nd preface: we 100% ripped this idea off of dash's nursery.
*let me also preface that... why yes of course our house is always this clean.

(why is that we, as bloggers, all clean up our houses for picture time, but still assume that other people's houses MUST ALWAYS be that clean? how are they so together/cute/crafty all the time??)


when we first bought our house, we didn't move in for three months while we re-did the entire house top to bottom. somehow, at about january, we both said screw it, painted our master whatever color paint we had left (grey-ish/lavender-ish) and moved our gear in.

so, three years later we both wanted the room we spend most of our time in to be somewhere we actually liked, and somewhere that was peaceful. story of my life, we forgot "before" pictures.

just imagine-- ugly and boring.

russ re-textured the walls and ceiling, then added 5 foot paneling, and re-painted everything white. we liked the idea of a stark black and white room that we could change accent colors whenever we wanted a change, so we painted the tops black.

that mirror doesn't really go with the flow of the room.
but, that mirror makes me look skinny. it stays.

when it comes to sleep-time...
i will go mad madam mim on you if light is present.

so, we had these roman shades made by the
STELLAR custom window treatment team at johnson drapery.

we love our new room!


jenna said...

LOVE it. so funny because we have that same paneling in our master...thanks to Nicole and Dane's entry way! :)

p.s. i need those shades

Aaron + Kayti said...

the room looks fantastic! you guys did a really great job. ahh what i would give for full size windows and walls that are not "beige". fabulous choices.

Greg & Linds said...

Emily this looks AMAZING. You guys did a fantastic job. Way to go handy husband!

Dana Dastrup said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Can I please come see your house??? I have only seen some if it!! When is it going to be "completed: enough for friends to ocme see?

Eri said...

That looks so good!! And I love the comment about the mirror. Fair enough.

Colby and Becca said...

LOVE IT!!!! Excited to see what you do for a nursery. You relize you just made a standard for yourself and I expect nothing but the best from you now. No pressure.
I still think our tan chair from the Christmas party would look better in there.

Kit said...



You both deserve a retreat of your own that you love!
Amazing work, you guys!

journeytojohanssontown said...

I feel the same way about my mirror too. I have tried to not use it but I love how skinny it always makes you look. The room looks stellar, something out of domino really. love it yea russ!

Kirsten Sue said...

Love the door frames. Wish my hubby had talents like yours!!

Emma said...

um jealous. it looks so great, and i would kill for those shades. our apartment has a beaming light shining in all night and it's making me crazy. you guys have such great style!

collin said...

We're next, time to book TC Construction

Annie said...

horrible, wholeshom, shhunshine. it looks so great, but who even doubted?

annie said...

i often find myself leaving comments right after other annies....maybe it's a more common name than i thought. but that paneling is seriously gorgeous. i love the black too....so awesome!

Kellee Marie Cook said...

looks great! You did a great job. Did you just paint the top of that? love.

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