there's an app for that

so after much convincing i finally bought myself an iPhone in july.
i was resistant at first because i feel guilty buying nice things for myself, it's a heck-of-alot-of-phone for my taste, and it's expensive.

i caved, and it was the best cave ever.

one downside is that there are a billion and one applications you can download.
who has time to sort through them? no one.

*iWard -- you sign up and it automatically uploads all the contact information for everyone in my ward at church.

*The Scriptures -- access to the scriptures, conference talks, church manuals, you can easily book mark and "high light" for later.

*iPregnancy -- basically like Baby Center but on the go. it tells me what i need to know about myself, and zigs at any given week. i can keep track of names we like, and unfortunately, my weight gain.

(please notice my favorite line ever...
"it should become obvious to others that you are pregnant (this may not be true if you are overweight).")

*Shake It Photo
*Mill Colour
iPhone's aren't known for their excellent cameras, but any of these apps make my pics look awesome!

*Barcode Scan -- type in the barcode of most any item and it will tell you where you can find it cheaper somewhere else.

i love these apps, but i still feel like i must be missing out.
so, i call upon the internet.
if you have an iPhone, or iTouch, what apps do you love?


Amber said...

Two other camera apps I love are: Lomo and Old Camera. Lomo is very very fun!!

jasmine said...

i want one so bad. i'm hoping levi will agree that we "need" them by january.

Anonymous said...

you should get...
shazam- hear a song and don't know the name/who it's by... shazam it and you get the info
phone flicks- if you have netflix
yelp- reviews for resturants, shops, drs, etc. plus it gives you the address so it can map out the directions for you
bump- you bump phones with another iphone user to transfer contact info/photos
soleil organics- it tells you which fruits, veggies, meat, and dairy products you should get organic (like you dont need to get organic bananas bc the peel keeps the pesticides out)

Anonymous said...

Peggle and Stoneloops

Cody said...

You should check out an app called iFart. Need I say more? It's hilarious!!

Eri said...

I have just got an iphone and I LOVE it!! I don't think I can contribute much here (but I will be stealing ideas) but if you want to waste time and play games. I recommend Doodle Jump and Flight Controller - very addictive!
Also Stanza for downloading free ibooks to read :)

Danny and Shalayne said...

I feel the same as you...I keep going back and forth...I haven't caved yet but I probably will soon!

P.S. LOVE the master remodel. Want to come and do mine?! :) jk, but kind of serious!

Kami said...

Reader... duh!
Spend Lite
Run Keeper
LDS Radio
Shazam - In the movies
Red Laser

Just to name a few...

jenny said...

i love the toy camera app. it has random filters and effects like a "holga" but it's at random which effect it applies..

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