i absolutely love thanksgiving.
i'll decorate & listen to christmas music after the 26th.
because seriously, christmas gets a whole month, and thanksgiving gets one day,
can't it wait?
yes, it can.

BUT! before you go calling me a hypocrite, let me explain.
last year i posted about great gift ideas for christmas -- you can read them all here.
by the time i posted about an awesome deal on 20 kinds of mascara, it was already sold out.

so, i'm giving you plenty of time to snatch up one of these,
what girl (and some boys) wouldn't cry tears of joy at the sight of one of these?

Nordstrom's Blockbuster Palette
a $300 value, for $29.50

Smashbox's Palette $225 value for $59
buy at Ulta ($5 off with coupon code 31877)

Sephora's Ultimate Blockbuster
$48 dollars for all this:

ready, go. cause you know they'll be gone by next friday.


Emma said...

i don't just want one, i NEED one.

Kayla R. said...

oooohhh!!! thats awesome:)

SJ said...

So awesome! I need one.

Logan said...

Yeah! My mom got me the Sephora one last year for Christmas! I was literally drooling all over it when I opened it, and it has served me well. I would highly recommend!

Meagan said...

Thanks for the great ideas!

Jo said...

I love the quote at the bottom!! I am a consultant for MaryKay and I love everything that she said, her quotes are so great! :) thanks for the gift ideas.

Anonymous said...

With this kind of deals every holiday, I am afraid the Mary Kays and the Arbonne women of the world are going to have to switch to crafts and be vendors at your next Bijou if they want to make any money!

Which one do you favor?

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