can't win 'em all

i'll try any trend once. why not? life's short.
so when i found myself ogling pictures like these:

and remembering that scene in you've got mail when meg ryan walks to work
and her legs look amazing...

when my sister thrifted a pair i thought again-- why not?

and then russ said, "you look like a deacon."
and i totally did.


J&B Barrett said...

hahahah.. I am peeing! You are hillarious!

Wendy said...

i guess you can't win them all! if anyone can it would be you!!!


SJ said...

Hahaha, "You look like a deacon"!!!

However, you look super adorbs. I love Meg Ryan's wardrobe in You've Got Mail. So classically chic. I would wear a lot of what she wore in that movie today.

(PS, Olivia Palermo's bf is cute.)

robin said...

why do i feel like olivia is glaring at me and damning my soul in that picture?

Melly Mel said...

I love stockings!!! I am wearing them now. You look so cute.

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