saturday might go down in history as the most productive day of my life.
we re-organized pretty much every room & closet in the house
and got everything into bins.
it was really just step 4 of 3,457 to get our home ready for a new member.

so that night we took a load off at 5 guys... our loyalties remain with or without in & out.
then scored a huge bag of thrifted finds for ziggy.
of course i will bleach them in scalding water bi-weekly until march.

oh, and i also acquired a new nickname...

not tweedle dee or dum. just tweedle.


Dari said...

You are too cute and I agree with you about Five Guys, I stand as a true and loyal customer!

Auntie Em said...

You Look Great Em! and here's a tip about thrifty finds, if you soak them in Oxy clean water for a week ANY stain and I mean ANY stain will disappear! its like magic!

Emily Frame said...

thanks Em! i'll do that for sure! nothing is really stained, but it's origin does worry me.

Lindsay said...

We love 5 Guys for awhile we were going there every weekend. Wyatt and Riley love the peanuts! You remembered right, Bear and I are coming the day after Christmas. We need to have a friend lunch/dinner!

Lindsay said...

ps I think you look nothing like tweedle dee or dum!

SJ said...

You look so fabulous! I have that skirt in black. I've heard about Five Guys, I really want to go there!

Anonymous said...

love the new nickname.
my bf and I have like 10 for each of us and they are constantly changing.
You don't look like tweedle dee or tweedle dum but its funny anyway.

Bean said...

Five Guys is WAY better! :)
I like the new nickname.

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