a couple of days ago my older sister charity moved to D.C.
she's an adventurous little lass and utah never could keep her tied down for too long. 
can you imagine picking up your life and moving across the country? 
she's brave and i admire her.

she got me thinking about bravery. and courage. 
my little sister bethany has a different kind of bravery. she's 19 and figuring herself out. sometimes that's hard to do, to look inside and scrape out what you don't like 
and fill yourself with the things you do.

i'm so lucky to have these two girls as my sisters. 
they're my best friends in the world.
i missed you before you even left, charity.


Kimberly Ngarupe said...

sisters are the best.
you got the cuff you've been wanting!

jenna said...

i love them both. you are so lucky to have sisters.

Emily Frame said...

haha kim. i haven't taken it off since.

Kayla R. said...

What beautiful ladies! SISTERS are the BEST!!!

Kellee Marie Cook said...

your comment about looking inside and figuring out yourself reminded me of the regina spektor song "on the radio" I'm sure you know it. It's got one of my favorite lines.. Anyways you three look amazing.

david and kinsley harper said...

you guys are sooo beautiful!

chari-o said...

I'm such the slacker and just got caught up on your blog via goodle reader on my blackberry...watching the byu game and remembering your claim everytime Harvey does anything...and nearly cried in front of all these new people when I read this. Miss you more and love your face!

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