beedies' christmas party

dinner at macaroni grill:
Font size
we all had dessert, i just neeed more.
please help me.
p.s. farr's peppermint ice cream is the best of its kind.

then we watched all their old videos.
below is a few stills of the runaway hit "dracula"
that would be russ in the black cape & nylons.
i've never laughed harder & russ' face was literally wet with tears.
he's currently working on getting them to youtube.
i'll be sure to let you know when that blessed day comes.

||cardy - gap||sequin baby doll - f21|| BDG jeans- UO|| over- the-knee-boots gojane.com||


jenna said...

you look amazing.

thanks for the peppermint tip. i need some. now.

Logan said...

haha, I echo Jenna's statement, except I was going to say damn you for being able to pull off that outfit so awesomely, especially being pregnant! I cannot pull off skinny jeans or sparkly stuff, and you look amazing!

Amy! said...

Blog Stalker here!!! Where did you find your FABULOUS top?!!.. Hott mama :)

Kayla R. said...

i LOVE that ice cream!!! you guys are all so cute!!

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

mmm.peppermint icecream. i cannot find any in hawaii and i am dying!!! I also miss days market too:( i used lived a block from it...:(

Bean said...


Anonymous said...

OMG I bet those old moives were so funny.
Please please let us know when they are on youtube!!!!

PS- you look fantastic!!!

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness, your outfit is so cute. SO cute!

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