the shabby apple holiday spread is up now so i can finally share!
here's some faves that didn't make it to the final product...

*models usually lie about their sizes, but saying you're bigger than you actually are... that's a first! good thing we had lots of clippies for skinny-minnie martha.
*bethany is such a hoot. alyssa was testing light or whatever they do,
and BK just slipped right in.

*i'm coming up on my 5th year of styling. matt & i can't help but laugh because EVERY shoot we've ever done with boys & girls... someone always gets asked out. we hit a new high when jeff & heidi from this shoot started dating seriously, and will probably get married.
so... always looking to improve, i made a goal to get two models to kiss. i was literally yelling "GET CLOSER! CLOSER! CLOSER!!!" we got a cheek kiss out of it. maybe next time...

to see the actual spread click here.


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