no sleep 'til brooklyn

the beehive bazaar is underway, and last night went really well!
it's a breeze selling at an event you're not in charge of.

here's a glimpse...

{all shot by russell himself, he's pretty good!}
notice the 2nd shot-- he focused on the lady holding our business card
and blurred everything else out. -- he told me this later. so artsy.

we held to the tradition (that i am breaking next time)
and went to sammy's for shakes. we had other things too,
but no need to disclose them, cause they were nasty.

russ was talking about how tired he was and milo started rubbing his back.
that kid is a hoot.

i put a pic of my tights up because i was accosted a few times about them...
they're shimmer tights from american eagle.
(jacket F21, beanie F21, boyfriend button-down gap tie-dye skirt volcom, chuck taylor converse)

big bummer last night was that i had to miss liz's book party to set-up.
i'm grateful to margie for tweeting pics all night, i felt like i was there!

now, you all know i am truly ignorant when it comes to the scrapbooking thing.
so, i'm sure her real genius is lost on me, but after looking through her book, it feels more like domino mag than anything else. it's beautiful!
you can buy it right here.
and why, yes, that is a motley handmade headband she's rocking.

i hope you all have a great weekend!
we're heading to ikea for the 12th time this month & then the Art Market
i'm styling a shabby apple photoshoot tomorrow
and somehow going to finish my LAST paper for college.
you can sleep when you're dead right?


elizabeth said...

Beehive looks awesome! Did you sell out in one night?
Wish you could have come!
It was fun... and I wore your cocktail ring hoping you'd be there to get it... we'll have to meet up this weekend! xo


Kirsten Sue said...

Wow looks fun. I'm gonna try and go tomorrow!

A & A Hooper said...

i love your motley!
so cute, fun and ... well i love it~

robin said...

man, i really wish i lived in utah sometimes.

Lindsay said...

I don't know how you do it all?!?

Susan Petersen said...

waaay fun to finally chat with you tonight. your stuff is always so good....

ps. you look uh-mazing in red lipstick

Bean said...

Yes, you can sleep when you're dead, but it's probably not as enjoyable!

Good luck on the paper! One day, please come to my house and pick out outfits for me. Thanks. :)

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