here's a little mathematical equation for ya:

if the university trax stops at the gallivan center going 22 miles per hour, and you do not get off and trade it for the sandy trax--your "three hour max" adventure to temple square will:

a. double
b. double and still be awesome

it was still a very productive evening...
milo ate a tablespoon of red pepper sauce at pei wei.
gavin made friends with a nice lady who called him "kevin"
and may or may not know his full address now.
russ wore his scarf like that all night.
rashelle & i learned the ins & outs of the defrost button "i don't know, i just know things."
we formulated the "tab" system for time wasted. currently at 67 hours.
& ziggy doesn't care for hot chocolate, rather, if i drink it, he will be sure to send it right back.

it's always an adventure with the J fam.


Kayla R. said...

That looks so fun!!! havent been on tracks since Britney Spears Concert in High School! HA... I LOVE Russ's scarf i am seriously laughing out loud!!! LOVE ya cant wait to see Temple pics*

iamahoneybee said...

Russ's scarf is awesome.
I love it.
I have rediculous hats that I wear all the time. Love the hilarity that insues.

Meagan said...

I would say that is a good sign that your babe boy doesn't kick all night. Thats the only time my guy moves, I'm screwed!

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

It looks like you guys had such a great time!

hxztrade said...
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