the second trimester really is as glorious as they all say.
zigger bends it like beckham pretty much all day,
taking a few cat naps in between of course.
such a cool feeling.
my dad says it's good news that his movement doesn't wake me up at night,
maybe it means he sleeps when i sleep? fingers crossed.

i feel pretty great, lots of energy. i do a little ballet stretch-out every morning & night, for some reason that helps. those pliƩs however, are getting a little tough to come out of.

what babycenter.org forgot to mention is the minor detail that in my heart of hearts, no one can say or do anything right anymore. i finally snapped on that kid in sunday school that never shuts up, my facial expressions are limited to stink-eyes and eye-rolls & russ can only laugh off this behavior for so long.

but what babycenter WILL tell you is that he's the size of a rutabaga this week... so yeah. we've got that going for us.
*cue the googling of "rutabaga"*

super helpful, no?
sweet dreams tonight!


Kirsten Sue said...

I LOVED the second Trimester. Enjoy!

Wendy said...

I'll have baby rutebaga nightmares tonight!

Kayla R. said...

OK what a HUGE blessing...if the baby sleeps when you do..I will cross my fingers for you too!!!

A & A Hooper said...

Ha ha ha EVERY THING annoys me when i'm preg....it's embarrassing! I was waiting in front of the grocery store in my car for my husband to come out and I found myself yelling at every car and annoying person that was walking, talking and driving around me.... that was when I knew I had already hit my "craz" point!

Greg & Linds said...

Ahhh rutabaga...is it a turnip or a baby? Seriously likening the child to food DOES not appeal to me. I'm not finding myself annoyed so much as awkwardly laughing at inappropriate times...I'm not sure which is worse.

Spencer said...

Hi Emily! Nice to {officially} meet you! Any yes! I really really like the Crosley record player. It works great and the sound is awesome. I definitely recommend getting one!

SJ said...

A rutebaga?! What is a rutebaga?!

(I am so glad the second trimester is going well!)

Kat Clark said...

If anyone ever thought I was a B word before, they would be horrified to know me pregnant. I am evil. Pure evil.

hxztrade said...
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