what i'd ask for if i was asking

the gift guides i compiled for 21st & ivy are up!
russ & i are still sticking with the no-presents plan, but it's getting tough.
i love buying presents for the guy. unlike me, he doesn't buy himself whatever he wants throughout the year, so he actually needs things.
even though he's picky, nothing is better than seeing him put on a new shirt or hat straight out the gift box. {that means he really likes it}

want prices and where to buy? click here.


Kayla R. said...

mmmmm...i will have to say I LOVE christmas shopping:)

KEH said...

good job. good job.

SJ said...

These are such good gift guides. I especially love the Classic Girl's Girl one!

Alison said...

These are great. I've taken to reading your blog! AH! Even though I don't write for 21st and Ivy or read it. Don't tell Matt !!!

Anonymous said...
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