white stripes

i tell you, the swedes are nailing the baby boy clothes & good news! polarn o. pyret opened an online shop for lowly U.S. shoppers, like myself.

check it:
polarn o. pyret

i hope Ziggy likes stripes, cause 1/2 his wardrobe has them.

sidenote: i didn't realize so many people thought our son's name was really going to be Ziggy. here's the scoop... when he was an non-gendered zygote, instead of "it" we started calling him Ziggy. (Ziggy the Zygote)

i mean, i've got nothing against the name. ziggy marley = stud. ziggy stardust = creepy stud.
but, currently... just a nickname.


Dari said...

Too cute! I am one of the people who truly thought that was your little one's name... oops.

Ashley and Chris Miles said...

confession I thought Ziggy was what you were going to name your little adorable growing boy LOL!!!

Kat Clark said...

Haha! That is hillarious! I can't believe people thought that was going to be the name! Good times.

journeytojohanssontown said...

I love the website. It is nice to have someone else finding great boy clothes for a change. So glad you are having a boy!!!

Polarn O. Pyret said...

Thank you so very much for the wonderful post. Our big winter sale is going on now and until midnight tonight (Thursday) all outerwear (excluding accessories) are 50% off + free shipping on outerwear purchase with code: 1KFBPOP. Enjoy!

Hey Ho it's Ashleigh Noel said...

ha.my confession is that I like ziggy for a name.
so sue me.

Martha said...

Love the stripes on babies. Ha ha that is too funny people thought that's what you were really naming him!

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