camera phone phoenix

we had such a good time with my aunt kristin and her family...

her kids Lleyton and Emery were too cute with Hayes.
Emi thought Hayes' name was "boo-b00"
so she'd walk around saying "where's boo-boo's binky?"
"i think boo-boo is tired."
she also thought the baby monitor was a walkie-talkie so she'd
whisper cute little nothings to him while he slept.
you're DYING right? so cute.

besides getting our teeth fixed,
we spent a good portion thrifting. there are 18 thrift stores in phoenix alone!
we ate amazingly well. my aunt kristin cooked stellar meals,
and we ate some seriously good mexican food
(utah county is lacking in that department i think.)

we hit up our favorites, like the yardhouse, yogurtland, & H&M.
we ran out of diapers, hayes sported size 3's for awhile.

i'm sort of obsessed with hayes' feet. they are the cutest things ever.
next to his face, tummy, arms, legs, neck, ears, and tooshie of course.

just for future reference if i ever doubted his capability...
hayes was the perfect road traveler.
he only fussed when he was hungry so we made it home in 11 hours...
not bad at all.

next up... smeeks & the diamondbacks game.


Emma said...

i can't get enough of your cute babe!!!

{lindy baker cakes} said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is seriously to die for!!!! He is so so so so so darling! I love him.

Meagan + Michael said...

Too cute. He is all smiles. I've always wanted to go to smeeks. Yum!

Angie said...

Oh my goodness!! That photo of his feet sticking out of the blanket!?!?! LOVE!!!

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