comfortably numb

we're currently on our way back from a week long quasi-vacation to phoenix, arizona. we spent a good chunk in my uncle's dentist chair where he was nice enough to assist us with our fillings, crowns, root canals & the like.

i say quasi-vacation because words like novacaine, occlusal & bicuspid thrown around where beach, coppertone & mai-tai should be is just not right.

we still managed to have an awesome time, thanks to the ito's! i'll tell you all about it later...

and no, i'm not sure what a mai-tai is.

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Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

haha your faces in this picture are priceless!

Angie said...

Hey gotta love having a Dentist in the family though!! Oh and you don't HAVE to know what a Mai Tai IS you just have to enjoy it! ;)

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

i forgot about naked severin.
i have too much self preservation to describe what happened on the way home from andy's house in detail on the internet, but this might jog your memory...lindsay made me ride with my bum out the window.

Melissa said...

You have family in Phoenix? My in-laws live there and I just LOVE visiting. Especially when the weather is sucking it up.

Thanks for commenting on my blog earlier. You made my day!!

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