friendly art

so i think i've fooled you all into thinking i'm talented or something. not so.
i just have super creative & talented friends

photography by nicole christensen
(with the exception of our wedding day, that was shot by matt clayton)

"i ♥ utah" print by qa designs (who also did my blog layout.)
i hear she'll do any state you like...

custom watercolor by birds of ashmae
you send her a picture and you get this in return:

moldy peaches print by hayley...
she just whipped it up out when she was bored. BORED.
when i'm bored i eat pringles.

and let's not forget the gift colett painted me for hayes' birth
currently sitting pretty in the nursery...

i guess i'm not totally useless:

image via robin


aubry. said...

oh my gosh... that picture! rosie the pregnant riveter. robin and i go waaaay back - and she knows {she KNOWS} how much that picture makes me cringe.

{maybe because i've never been a baby maker...!?}

so... HILARIOUS that you would post it... because i would never tell a stranger how i really feel about it... but here i am... telling you how i feel about it... but, feeling like i can... because it came from robin.


Martha said...

I love your wall! And I just love Hayley :)

robin said...

oh yes, aubry... i think you'd have to be a baby maker to appreciate a pregnant rosie riveter.

love the wall emily. hayes is
a d o r a b l e.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

She custom made my Utah and California print :) LOVE IT!

Missy said...

Let's just say that I want to copy your entire house, in my bedroom.
thanks for being creative for those who aren't...

elizabeth kartchner said...

love this wall em!

I need the print of "we sure are cute for two ugly people." my favorite.

ps you are so talented

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