i've tried to warn russ that i'll pull the plug on this whole
"daddy-o & hayes love baseball" scenario the second i catch a whiff
that hayes thinks baseball is as boring as the rest of the world does.
until then, i suppose daddy-o & hayes can love baseball together.
and boyyy do they---russ has hayes on his lap anytime a twins game is on,
they practice air batting & catching,
and pretty sure russ is already signed up as coach in 2015.
just smile & nod...

(check out that facelift/double chin.)

the diamondbacks game was super fun.
5 home runs, a manager got thrown out
and they had free batting cages!

buddy zach, cousin lleyton, russ & uncle collin DDS


Angie said...

To cute!! My husband is a HUGE sports guy. He played ball in college but had to many injuries to go on any further. A couple of his friends are pro athletes! Troy Percival who was the closer for The Angels when they won the World Series back in... what was that 2002?? Is a lifelong friend of his. When my son said he hated baseball- I think his heart actually broke in half! :(

Logan said...

you take that back! Baseball is not boring!!! :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

adorable pictures... but I am with you. 90% of the game of baseball is BORING! It gets exciting for a couple seconds and random parts of the game.... you know what the bases are loaded etc etc.
Other then that I got for the atmosphere and hot dogs :)

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