does anyone else find themselves wasting a lot of time on personal style blogs?
over at 21st & Ivy> i featured three awesome and equally different style bloggers...
my favorite may be obvious... this blogger makes me drool every.single.post.
on top of her impeccably tailored, boho, androgynous, perfectly accessorized closet...
her whole fam is beautiful- look at their christmas card!
yep, her boy is wearing the stella mccartney for gap band jacket.
the one i was dying over last october? yeah that one.

run, don't walk on over to Ascot Friday.>
or read about the other bloggers featured here.>


jessica kiehn said...

i gotta be honest...your style is way better. You're a better mix of eccentric but actually practical. Don't drool too much. Look in the mirror sista!

Emma said...

em i look at your blog for fashion advice all the time! but i too love the blogs you posted on twenty-first and ivy.

{lindy baker cakes} said...

Pretty sure that family could be you, Russ, and Hayes.

a.me said...

My absolute favorite style blog is now defunct, but I love to peruse the archives. This Scandinavian sista knows how to dress! http://stylebytes.net/

jenna said...

please let me wake up and be her. please.

jenna said...

p.s. i know of a candle that is 1/4 the price of the volcano and smells exactly the same. i buy it monthly and feel way less guilty. i'll email it to you.

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