bravo bravo

we canceled bravo last year due to the unnatural amount of horrible,
horrible television it was putting out.

and then they scored 9ByDesign.
and i was dying to watch.

thank goodness for iTunes, because they had the whole season for $12
and i have been catching up ever since-- i'm hooked & there's only one episode left.
tune in for some seriously inspiring home decor ideas,
7 really funny kidlets & 2 crazy busy parents who make it look easy.

read more about the Novogratz's on 21st & Ivy


Martha said...

I love 9 By Design! Don't they have the best named children, ever?! I'm going to try to visit some of the commercial projects they've done while I'm out here. And Bravo has really gone downhill...

Melly Mel said...

yeah i agree. bravo has gone downhill.

Kent and Leisy said...

what?! you can't relate to ANY of the housewives in nj, nyc, atlanta, or so-cal?! :)

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