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despite the slight glitch in the arrival of summer, i was craving something light for dinner last night.

when i spotted this via a cup of jo i knew what needed to happen.
bonus+ we had just about everything we needed to make it & it was super tasty.
bonus+ we washed it down with san pelligrino limonata,
which always makes me feel like summer.
and final bonus+ ours looked just like the picture-- which never happens to me!

here's the recipe...
& p.s.
we're doing great giveaways all this week & next over at bijou market until the big day arrives!


brooke said...

i subscribe to the sunday suppers blog and was wanting to put that lil recipe on my to-make list too! glad it gets a positive review.

p.s. -- i am finally starting up the deseret news blog in two weeks, so i'll keep you updated on that!


Ashley Lynn Fry said...

Yay! I was going to make this last night too... except I didn't have everything I needed. I think it will be tonights din din for sure!


Kayla R. said...


Bridge said...

That looks SO GOOD!

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