later alligators

things are good over here, the to-do list for bijou gets nutty right about now, a to-do list that overwhelmed a baby-less hyperproductive &
organized emily. so, should be interesting with little h baby in tow & my new mush-brain.

i'll leave you with the a new favorite...as you can see, he's getting super chubbers and i couldn't be more proud! that's why they call me the dairy queen i suppose.

i hope everyone has a good holiday weekend-- enjoy it for me!

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Kimberly Ngarupe said...

love his chubbiness, and little boy-ish face.

chari-o said...

i love love love this photo. i wanna squeeze his cute legs.

Lindsay said...

that's what they call me too! Gotta love baby rolls & dimples!

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