baby daddy

both my boys are asleep, perfect time to jump on & wish the fathers in my life a happy day!
marrying Russ, i was opened to a whole new definition of what a father is. Russ has many. he has collected them throughout his life, they love him like their own & they all are such awesome examples!

as for muffin...
i knew he would be an awesome dad, but like in every other situation, Russ exceeded my expectations. he sacrifices so much for me & Hayes everyday, but he wouldn't call it that. we're both so blessed to have him. i am so grateful for the assurance that Hayes will grow up with such a patient, loving, hilarious, thoughtful & knowledgeable dad.

he's got a lifetime full of happiness ahead of him because of Russ.
i know from experience!


Erica said...

you lucky thing! sounds like you are very happy and blessed x

Angie said...

Awww so sweet!! Happy Father's Day to your hubs! ;)

{amy k.} said...

how sweet is that picture! what a precious family you have!

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