how bad can that be?

for russ' first dads day my goal was a A+ meal, since he's not really into presents.
on top of that he doesn't eat breakfast, so that was out... but, i found some awesome pork tenderloin cuts and went looking for a recipe.

i tried ina garten's herb marinated pork tenderloin, it was delicious & juicy.
i put all my eggs in her basket and made greek panzanella salad to go with it.
and the meal went off smashingly well. it should've fed six, but the two of us ate most of it.
(with double chocolate ghirardelli brownies & ice cream for dessert)
making a complex three part meal with a nursing baby is pretty impossible.
pretty sure no baby cares if you're trying to get a nice sear on some pork when it's time to eat.
so i ended up needing russ to help me anyway, ah well, he's a good sport.

& here were the boys before in their sunday best...

what is with hayzers and cameras?
anytime i pull one out he pulls out his extra long pencil & analyzes it.
(that was for kamra, do you still read this blog?)
he ends up looking pretty oppressed,
and then of course you put it down, he's all smiles.

anywhoo, if you need a stellar meal,
even though she drives me crazy:
why is everything in the form of a question?
"how bad can that be?"
"who wouldn't want to eat that?"
go ina or go home.


Erin said...

Oooh the food looks delicious! And the boys look nice too. :) Hayes is cracking me up here.

Lindsay said...

Tell that kid to stop growing until I get there. He's getting too big! I was hoping he'd still be newbornish!

Jennie said...

It's true, though she can be a little much, Ina rarely disappoints.

kamrac.blogspot.com said...

haha, thanks for that comment Em. of course i look at your blog still, what else am i going to do all day at work?! lets plan a time i can see that lil babe of yours.

JGP said...

We often make whole meals just of Ina's recipes and they are the best! Once we took pictures of the table with all of the dishes so I could send them to her and let her know what a fan we are and maybe be on her show? But then I felt silly. Maybe someday. Glad you love her too.


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