june 2010

To My Hayes,

Your third month of life has been so much fun! You started off fussy, which threw your dad & I off a bit, since you just never really cried before! After trying everything, and some puzzled discombobulation, we realized... you were just bored! You got all active and playful on us, and we caught on real quick after that. You go wild on your little play-yard, swinging your arms at anything that dangles in front of you with sheer determination on your face.

Now that you have so much energy, when it's spent, you don't mess around. Get you swaddled, get you to bed, and do it quick or you will howl, it almost sounds like you're in pain. Just like daddy, for you, sleep is the jam.

You love to tell wild stories, and you will go on & on for minutes, it reminds me of one of my favorite videos. You blow bubbles, your ear to ear smiles light up your whole face, and when you're excited your eyes get
w i d e.

When I'm cleaning I play music for us, you go crazy in your bouncer like you're raising the roof, while I dance around. Anytime I twirl in circles, I catch you looking so mesmerized by it, and I think you must be so wishing for the day you can spin & spin until you're dizzy.

June 4th, you up & decided to sleep through the night. You've kept up the great work ever since, and I wish I could say I had something to do with it. I miss you terribly at night, and sort of lay awake waiting for you to call out for me. When you finally wake up around 7 you come sleep with us. You eat and then I go back to bed, even though you're still wide awake. You laugh and smile to yourself, and daddy says you feel for his beard and then proceed to right hook him in the chin until he wakes up to play with you. You're starting to strain your neck like you want to sit up, but if you're tired or full-bellied, you still melt into me like a newborn. I hope you always cuddle!

You went from a little gangly thing to one chunky-monkey (85% in height & weight, 20% head). I couldn't be more proud to see your little chubby fingers, and the rolls in your thighs and tummy. Nursing is nothing short of wonderful, it feels great to know that it's working wonders, too. You found your hands this month, and you suck on them non-stop. You're 16 pounds of yummy soft goodness and we couldn't stop kissing you if we tried.

melts my heart faster then seeing your little head turn to me when you hear my voice, or your gummy grin when I pick you up. You know who your mom & dad are, our voices, our smell, and we love it!

Life is good with you in it, we love you to the moon!

The world is yours Hayes.
Love, Mom.
image by uncle collin


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...


Bean said...

Seriously precious. Thank you for sharing!

Erin said...

I absolutely adore how you write to him. "The world is yours..." Isn't that the truth? :)

Colett (*.*) said...

remind me to tell you the funny story about how I finally ended up seeing Hayes last Saturday. I love all his chubby goodness.

Gretchen said...

he is the cutest thing.
your notes to hayes always give me goosebumps :)

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

SO sweet!

allegra said...

what a stud, emily. so cute. i swear my brother dustin was blessed in something so similar... little bowtie and all. except i think his was light blue. he is a beautiful boy!

ps. sleeping through the night? totally jealous.

The Wiseman Life said...

You are the sweetest Mom Em. Totally got teary eyed reading your post. He is one lucky kiddo!

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