june five

my utah pride flag was waving high last weekend. you simply can't beat the beauty in this state, it's breath taking!
we decided we had to capitalize on the Jones' beautifully kept orchard, so we had our vendors set-up in in the rows of pear trees. it kept everyone in ample shade and a few degrees cooler than it's 93 degree driveway counterpart.

photos via nicole

once again the vendors blew me away. each show they keep coming up with and dishing out
the most killer goods.
on top of that, i saw old friends, met some really great people, hayes got to hang out with my oldest friend (of 22 years!) Anna, and he didn't fuss for one second, SUCH A RELIEF!

running bijou market challenges me and at times chews me up & spits me out, but i have learned so much, and grown so much, and i feel like i get to see the best of people, and their talent, and it is a privilege!

what started out as a two hour party with 15 tables (2 of which were in the complete dark the whole time, (sorry Annie) has definitely spread its wings!

check out more at Bijou's blog.


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

It was beautiful &way fun! Good work!

Erin said...

Wow. I'm still not quite sure what Bijou Market is, but it looks amazing!

Emma said...

i am so sad i missed it, it looks like it turned out fabulously.

Lindsay said...

IT seriously was the best this year! I got the cutest utah necklace and I absolutely love it! Thanks so much for your hard work!!!

e and d said...

Hi! I wasn't able to make it last Saturday but I really, really wanted to! I don't know if they were there again, but last time I went there was a vender that made adorable little baby shoes. I was wondering if you know their etsy shop? Thanks!

Erica said...

wow it looks amazing! congrats :) I wish I could have been there x

jenna said...

totally wish i could have been there.
you do such great work em. proud of you!

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

that is so rad, wish we had something like that here in the islands....besides the swamp meet:)

Kat Clark said...

Sorry to bug you busy lady but do you know which vendor was selling all of those fun pillows in the bottom left photograph? If you get a chance could you let me know. Thanks!

And while I'm commenting. Can I just tell you that you are so rad. I know I don't comment very often but I check your blog alot and I love it and I love seeing how 'you' you are. Just unique and gorgeous and wonderful. Hayes is a doll and Russ is hillarious. Just big hugs lady. I really enjoy getting to take a peak at a slice of your life. So thanks for that.

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