quotable air quotes

remember when russ got "me" a shotgun for my "birthday"?

welp, i am starting to see a pattern in the form of one 1977 bronco...

named "Sweetness" which russ said, (real quote here)
"it'll be for Hayes when he turns 16."
or with air quotes:
it'll be for "Hayes" when "he" turns "16."

it really is physically impossible for russ to buy anything for himself, so he tries to pawn the ownership onto someone else. if you see russ around town tell him (cause who listens to their wife?) he can buy nice things! he can have the things he wants! they can be for him! he works hard, he deserves it, no guilt necessary!

russ really lucked out because our next door neighbor is a whiz with old cars (even more than russ!) they love to tinker, let's just pray it's up & running before 2016.

& in the department of gifts actually for Hayes...
someone is crushing hard on their new butterfly mobile.

he is mesmerized Charity, absolutely mesmerized. THANK YOU!


Lindsay said...

Rob is going to be SO jealous of the bronco

kersey said...

77 broncos are freakin' hot. I would want one myself! I think I have a similar spending complex as Russ. May I have permission to buy nice things? Please?

Erin said...

LOL Too funny. I love the googly eyes Hayes is giving those butterflies.

kELLO! said...

my husband has been looking to buy one for a while now. i keep telling him the same thing. he says this bronco will be an upgrade from his '90 honda civic. haha he literally has to fold himself up to get inside of it :) oh, boys!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

haha, my husband wants a Bronco SO bad! What is up with these boys?

Brandon and Katie said...

your little family is just so cute. it makes me sooo excited for our little guy to come. i have a question and if you'd rather email me, my email is katielee14@gmail.com. but did you have an episiotomy or tear? sorry if that's personal but i've read that when you can feel the pushing sensation it's less likely that you'll tear or need an episiotomy. thanks! it was great to see you at the bijou market.

Jene and Megan said...

I never told you congrats on the blessing of baby Hayes. What a special day!!

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