did you ever read in magazines about finding your own personal uniform?
i always gave that a big eye roll... how boring!
i wore a uniform from 2nd to 6th grade- this could be attributed.
i guess things change because i totally get it now. finding things that fit right, that maintain comfort & function, but still look chic is a tough gig, so when i find those pieces i completely want 3 or 4 of each.

this was my uniform up until summer decided to stick around, except i only have one of each, so they were heavy hitters in the rotation.

top: american apparel's viscose dolman tee is so comfortable, hangs just right, and tightens around the elbows so it's not shapeless.

gap's always skinny. at least for my body type, these jeans are really great. super flattering, just skinny enough without feeling like your legs are cased sausage links, you can't tell in the picture but the distressing is only on the front and back--the sides are quite a bit darker--
total slimming effect bonus.

feet: there should never be a shoe uniform, that would be a tragedy.

still working on a freakinghot-weather uniform.


PinkSass said...

I'm a totally uniform girl myself. Once I find something that works and is comfy I will wear it non stop.

I also love the skinnies from the gap.

Erin said...

I wore a uniform in elementary school and it was horrible. I think the type of "uniform" you're talking about, though, it completely different. It's actually comfortable (which was NOT the case in school) and cute (again not the case in school.) I have to definitely agree on the shoe no-no too. Shoes should always be interchangeable. :)

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to get a pair from gap! I'm not near a mall and I have to order talls online... I've been reading the reviews and they say to go a size up... What size do you get? Are they pretty true to size? (I'm usually 6 there) should I go up a size?

Melly Mel said...

so interesting. i like it.

fun that you did a shoot with shabby apple!

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