for many many weeks now i've been reassuring myself "next week will be mellow"...
i keep falling for it, the gullible girl i am. but really though, i think this week is finally the one.

last weekend i styled my second shoot with shabby apple.
i finally took myself off the "just had a baby" bench.
here's one little iphone photo, it's all i got the whole day.

oh, why yes that is part of the BYU rugby team in the background.
where are all my single ladies at? i've got some real potentials for you.


Angie said...

How fun!!! They styling looks amazing! ;)

Michelle said...

Where was I when this was happening?? I am totally at BYU this summer. I totally would have stalked your shoot. Oh, maybe *thats* why you didn't say anything before hand.

Looks awesome though! I am totally drooling to see more shots!

rachel! said...

Single lady right here! You do good work, can't wait to see Shaby Apple's newest goods!

PS-yes, we do not know each other, I just happened upon your blog and it's darling! I don't normally comment when I don't know the person but when it comes to single rugby players.....

{amy k.} said...

love shabby apple can't wait to see the shoot!

i'm not sure if i ever mentioned i'm glad i met you at bijou market finally- i've commented enough that i feel like i know more about you than i probably should, hope that doesn't make me stalker material. so it was nice to meet you in person!

and single lady? rugby player? yes please! where do i sign up?! :)

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