i just want to eat outside.

two summers ago russ demo-ed our house's sorry excuse for a back porch, it should be called a perch, really. it fit our grill and mary-kate olsen...and that's it. his plans were to build a large two level patio that we could enjoy as well as our basement renters.

last summer, russ finished the first level, and our renters have been living in the lap of patio luxury all year. i woudn't mind having that perch back right about now. i really can't complain, the man works so hard, the last thing he needs to do is more home improvement.
but, the rockstar that he is, he's finishing our level of the porch the end of this summer. (right, muffin?)

i think i may be addicted to decorating my house because all i can think about it what i am going to do for our outdoor living space. [didn't i basically re-decorate my whole house this year? yes, i did.]

here are some images i've been staring at:

loving bright furniture, a built in fire pit, the bright red door frame, potted herb garden.
have you decorated outside before? what shops/sites are good? i really don't know where to start.

p.s. the poll closes tonight & i am seriously so surprised by the results. i would have thought the opposite would happen. we'll delve into that later.


Erin said...

Beautiful images! I love outdoor living areas. And you TOTALLY had me laughing in the first paragraph - a perch and MaryKate Olsen. LOL!

Michelle said...

built in fireplace!! Those are the best! And that one would be awesome because when it isn't turned on (or maybe if it is) it's extra seating! Love those. Perfect for a quick bonfire.

Erica said...

ahhh I love looking at outdoor settings! those are great inspiration images :)

thobeka said...

that mary-kate olsen made me laugh out loud! thank you :)

Dana said...

Your AZ background will make you want to cook outside all year round. Chris fixed up our outdoor grill directly to the natural gas so we never run out of fuel! It's WONDERFUL. Decor is great but functionality is fantastic.

Amy Ruth said...

emily, i can set you straight on the survey ...

i don't know (duh), but started reading your blog because i loved all your style, fashion comments, etc., etc. those posts got me hooked, but what kept me reading was your sweet heart. i loved your post about work ending earlier than planned and you trying to reconcile that. even in your fashion posts, it's so obvious how much more there is to you and your life than good taste. i still love the fashion, style posts - but the truth is i've become big fans of the frames!

please don't be like the others and disappear into privacy now that you've got the baby boy. although, i do realize mommy-hood must come first. just promise to take me along with you! :)

annie said...

i'm with amy ruth...it's all of those topics that make this a great blog...one of my favorites.

Martha said...

You should have been an interior designer! All I do every waking moment is dream of spaces and how I can design them. All. Day.

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