the soon to be Charity & Tim Adams!

nothing, & i mean nothing could have ended our vacation better then getting the news that my sister got engaged! my whole life people have been telling me what a great catch Charity is, and i couldn't agree more. spending a few days with these two at the beach confirmed
that this catch has found her match. womp womp.
(did i just waste a possible toast opener on you bloggies? dern.)
they have a great partnership, they face the realities and quirks of relationships head on, and Tim fit right into our happy bunch of dysfuncts.
i'm so excited to help plan a wedding!!
(in the least invasive way possible, Char. you won't even know i'm here. promise.)

mazel tof to you, cuties.


Kent and Leisy said...

pass along my congrats!! so exciting! she is a great catch.

Melly Mel said...

i am so excited for this!!! best news ever>

Lindsay said...

congratulations Charity!

chari-o said...

yay!! thanks Em! Don't worry, I will be relying on you as a plan a Utah wedding from all these miles away!

love yoU!!

T*town said...

Em- Thanks for the cool post. I'm glad you recognize me for my dysfunckedness- is that a word? =)
Ps We never got to have a kitchen dance party that Chartiy and i laughed about before going. Maybe next year =)

Emily Frame said...

Tim-- ahah. I definitely didn't mean YOU are a dysfunct (not a word, I made it up.) but you seemed to not mind so much that we all are dysfuncts.

congrats again!

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