and that's why you don't do crossover tuck jumps at high tide

this is what a tuck jump looks like:

this is what a tuck jump looks like when i get involved:

sheer clumse-dorkery.

it's a big week for my sisters!
right now my little sister, Bethany, is on her way to Thailand where she'll be a nanny for the rest of the summer. jealous?!

she's the only person who will just come over to braid my hair, or hang out with Hayes.
i miss her already.


Erin said...

LOL I LOVE these pics! So cute! And funny. :)

jasmine said...

hahhaa! your suit is SO cute, emily!!

Erica said...

great photos!! and I also love your bikini - gorgeous! x

iamahoneybee.com said...

very cute and funny pics!

what does it say on Bethany's arm?

Emily Frame said...

Bethany has two forearm tattoos with
lyrics from landslide by fleetwood mac, a song my dad used to sing us to sleep with on the guitar.

AubreyMo said...

I am jealous! I hope that mid-air collision didn't hurt. It sure is awesome that you got it on camera!

1-2-3 not it said...

sad, i love this post. and i love you!

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