here are some outtakes from the shabby apple shoot i did last month.
the concept -as you can tell- is a play on masculine/feminine.
i tell you, after watching these boys "scrum,"
there isn't a sport out there more masculine then rugby.


our model was close to 6 feet in flats, which shows you how big these boys were!


Hanna B. said...

That top hat is so incredible! She pulls it off with ease.

OohLookBel said...

NIce! And there's nothing finer than a guy in a rugby shirt ;)

Hey Ho it's Ashleigh Noel said...

ha. The guy on the far right is my sister ( in laws) boyfriend.
I know someone famous. ( well I havent actually met him yet, but soon right?)

Martha said...

Great styling! Where did you get that top hat from?

{amy k.} said...

love it! cute clothes and cute boys?! :)

1-2-3 not it said...

Ps. I would trade a boob for that top hat. Is it in your possession still??

1-2-3 not it said...

Ps. I dont know how i got 123 not it to be my name.. its bethany.. your favorite little sis.

1-2-3 not it said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
brandy said...

These pictures are GORGEOUS. I am loving the navy dress with the yellow tights. The guys aren't hard to look at either ;)

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