a couple weeks ago we introduced Hayes to one of our very favorite things... a live show.
and he loved it so much we did it again the next night.

BEIRUT, at the twilight festival in pioneer park

with uncle Al & uncle Jace

noted: cotton rompers (even black ones) aren't flattering.

THE BLUEBIRD CAFE concert series at the sundance outdoor ampitheater

all summer sundance has singer/songwriters come & play. most of them have written music for garth brooks, martina mcbride, diamond rio etc. so we got to hear huge country hits, but explained and played by the people who actually wrote the songs. super cool!

we went with the always gracious grow/stewart family & took up a few rows
sorry to be exclusive blonde kid.

beirut : romper H&M // necklace F21 // sandals Dolce Vita
bluebird: vintage dress


kylee said...

beirut was fantastic live! alsooo i am in love with that pink dress you're wearing.

chari-o said...

is haysie bawling in that last pic?

Emily Frame said...

kylee: yes they were!
char: that he is.

The Wiseman Life said...

I'm loving the ear plugs....

You guys are such cute parents! I love all your posts and pictures.

Aren't the bluebird cafe concerts the best? I look forward to those every year!

c+j said...

hi there! I know of you from the markets you do and came across your blog...I noticed the lovely green necklace you're wearing...do you mind me asking where you got it?

Emily Frame said...

c+j - not at all- it's forever 21, i got in online.

c+j said...

Thanks!! :)

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