featured & flattered

so much to share this morning! 
01. check out my thoughts on fashion & blogging in an interview with  Deseret News' "Saving Style"

02. i'm guest blogging over at Craves, Raves & Faves today. see what my latest "fave" is & you'll also get a free coupon for 30% off all weekend at Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic & more.
03.  Shabby Apple wants you to know they're having a trunk sale in SLC & you're invited! they'll have previous seasons' dresses discounted & new dresses to check out. SA's lines keep getting better & better every season, you won't want to miss it!
04. Motley HandMade had an overnight rush order on one our floral bib necklaces & the other day the buyer e-mailed to let us know she got it safe & sound:
& sort of exciting -- we're taking MHM in a new direction this fall,
so all our Etsy headbands are on the clearance train-  & if you e-mail 
us motleyhandmade {at} gmail we can get you an even better deal. or
if you want to come to my house and rummage the bins, we're talking $2 - $3 each.
we'll unveil our new line soon! hint: clothes!


Martha said...

Wow! Congratulations on the good news and features! You're awesome! Keep up the great work!

Emma said...

that is awesome emily! congrats!! you really are a utah fashion icon.

1-2-3 not it said...

dear deseret news, my sister emily is the most fashionable and most witty woman i know. good pick on your stylists :)


kate lines said...

this is all so awesome! (and thank's for brining up faux modesty. i just dont understand it!)

jillian said...

CLOTHES?!?!?! Oh please, please make some in my size! (Hint, I'm bigger than a size 4 ;) )

Kent and Leisy said...

loved the article em! you are amazing!

chari-o said...

what's this about clothes? why you keep secrets from sister?

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

very cool :) LOVED IT! I read your article, and I am not going to lie... I totally saw you once, but felt way awkward being like "Hi, I read you." haha
Congrats on all this success :)

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