weekend «rewind

on our last weekend of summer we:

  • had a poolside BBQ
  • had our last meal with Kim & Davis before they shove off back to LA, can we squeeze in 1 more?
  • showed Hayes what Utah Lake is all about.
  • ate ourselves sick at Mi Ranchito - why is it only Mexican food that sounds good after the lake?
  • grilled firecracker salmon (with risotto and peach & blackberry crumble for dessert)
  • Hayes tried avocado for the first time. the kid does NOT have an off switch, he'll eat until the food runs out, and then he'll cry for more.
  • Russ found himself in the mood to shop. as common as a lunar eclipse, but so fun! 
  • took a walk through a freakishly cold flash rain storm.
  • practiced our new tricks & open mouth kissing.

after staring at the bottom left picture for a minute, i was overcome with the urgent need to cut my hair off (definitely the last time i use mousse)... bethany when you get back from thailand, snip snip!


emily sparks said...

Firecracker salmon sound so yummy! I will have to try it out. Ps you Hayes is adorable.

Meagan + Michael said...

You guys look so fun! Where did you get Hayes's hat?? So cute!

Erica said...

yay fun weekend! loving the pictures :) you are such cute parents!

[Morgan] said...

your hair is incredible emily!
but, it's cute short too of course:)

i always want mexican food after boating too, strange:)

1-2-3 not it said...

snip snip snip! time for a chic new do. lets find you a good volumizer so we can make your hair like that jcrew looking lady. and when is it time for a color??

lurve your baby sis

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