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can i be real with you for a sec?
i am baffled by the comments scenario over at 21st & ivy.
i know people read. i see the stats, i hear the rave reviews.
i can hear crickets when i'm on it. anyway...

i interviewed one of my favorite style bloggers, Brooke Brown.
i've posted about her before, here.
i feel like so many style bloggers are unrealistic to the everyday woman.
sorry, as much as i like to look at you...
i'm not going to wear scalloped silk shorts & a cream blazer with five inch Alaias.
i need to be able to get on all fours to find the binky that just rolled under the oven.
but, i digress...
she has great style, and it's always spot-on-slash-no-fuss.
here are some of my favorite outfits she's posted recently:

you can read her interview & check out some of her outfits here.
if you like what you see, for pete's sake will you comment? for me?


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

She is adorable, LOVE everything she has! I will just have to go LOOK & COMMENT :)

brooke said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
brooke said...

haha wow, thanks for the extra push! but yeah, the comment/view ratio is often mind-boggling...

also, i'm finally going to do a local blogger feature on deseret news, look out for some email questions headed your way!


Sarah loves it all said...

I'm so happy to have found a new fashion blogger with great taste! I just stumbled upon your blog, and -lucky!- found another!

Jacinta said...

I found your blog via Brooke's! Nice to see a fellow mother out there who wants to keep it real!
I have two little gals (2 and 6 months) and I have stopped comparing myself to those fashion bloggers who wear things that are yes, lovely, but not practical for me! I'm a mother, I'm proud of that. I will dress appropriately!
Anyway! I had to do a comment since you brought it up! :D


Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

I like what I see. and this comment is just for you! :)

Angie said...

I'll have to check her site out! I know what you mean about unrealistic outfits or shoes. It's an effort to maintain your style after having children and although I don't agree with giving up any of your likes- you do have to adjust. You think those 5 inch heels are a nuisance now, just wait till your adorable son is actually mobile!! ;)

emily+brett said...

i really adore your blog. everytime i pop in you always have a great sense of realness. i love these looks to death! here is my question; do you just surround yourself with people who don't critisize the way you dress or with people that are dressed the same way? i love looks that are a little more on the fashionable side and my family and most friends roll their eyes when they see me. especially my sisters. they say i come off looking like i'm trying to be 17. i just bought a full pant romper and i've never heard my family laugh so hard. brett too. he hates it! i keep telling myself confidence is key and if i feel hot then who gives. but am i going too far for my social surroundings?

i love the billowy blouse tucked into a black pant {far left}. just adore it.

Jenny Redford said...

Love her. Now officially obsessed with her style.

nicole said...

I know what you mean about the out of wack relationship between comments/views.

don't worry... people love what you post here and at 21st and ivy!

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