weekend «rewind

our weekend was really great. i felt like June was all about Bijou Market, July was all about traveling and holidays, and August has been palling-around. LOVE it. here are some phone snaps, which is about all i can do these days.

weekend highlights, as always food-centric:
  • wings with kim & davis
  • tepanyaki with chadelle? or rashad? & crew
  • pain au choclat from Tulie for silvia's bridal luncheon
  • tacos with russ' twin separated at birth by 8 years... who agreed to help russ finish our PORCH!
  • russ dusted off his guitar and hayes was entranced. literally catatonic. just staring at it for 20 minutes.
  • running home from collin's (oreo icecream) with the jogging stroller while russ drove the scooter next to me singing Gob's magic act theme music.


kylee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kylee said...

your new blog layout = adorable. i love everything about it.

Lindsay said...

Love Hayes,Love you, Love the new layout

Martha said...

Loving your new blog layout and your little Hayes.

jenna said...

awww thanks my dear. sure do love it myself.
and he only slept five hours today :)

E(liz)abeth said...

Emily, your new layout is amazing. Simple, clean, gorgeous colors, so good!

elizabeth kartchner said...

haha... His big smile in the stroller is adorable!
Thanks for stopping to say hi on your walk.

The new blog look is so fresh. Me likey. :)
Might have to have qa design do a little somethin somethin for me.

{lindy baker cakes} said...

Loving the new look! Darling! Jenna is getting so so so good! Wow! Hayes is getting cuter and cuter and so big! Where is the time going?

Logan said...

"It's the final countdown!!" haha

Love the new layout. Jenna rules.

Angie said...

adorable photos as usual!!

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