my 10for1 challenge is complete! it was actually pretty fun, although i never want to see that white oversized tee again. it was definitely good practice to see that i really can get by on less. also, to my friend who claims she can only pair shirts & jeans together, you need this! it basically forces you to think outside the box.

i updated this post with the rest of the week's outfits that you can click to enlarge.
for those of you worried you're too late, no way! i'll post them as long as they come.
& thanks for indulging me! really though, no more pictures of emily for awhile.

10 items:
1. charcoal deep v-neck tee // american apparel
2. white oversized tee // gap
3. vest // thrifted
4. grey pinstripe button-up // h&m
5. black cardigan // gap
6. pleated skirt in burnt orange // anthropologie
7. slim fit side zip cropped trousers // gap
8. BDG cigarette jean // urban outfitters
9. black motorcycle boots // 
10. pink ballet flats // gap

monday // ray-ban wayfarers, gap leather jacket, gap crossbody bag
tuesday // teal necklace f21
wednesday // necklace ann taylor
thursday // beanie H&M
friday // vintage broaches
saturday // wood bead necklace H&M, silver bangles vintage & H&M
sunday // tights urban outfitters


Lindsay said...

You never cease to amaze me! So darling! Good work!

jasmine said...

i like pictures of emily! you're cute!

nice work on getting variety out of your 10 items. i actually already do this at home...but my way is just to wear the same outfit 2 or 3 days in a row before switching to something else. gross, i know.

Hayley Anderson Photography said...

I don't claim it, I proclaim it! I wasn't blessed with any fashion sense and I'm okay with that. That's why you and I have an upcoming date to the mall.

p.s. I love your cheekbones. Odd to say? Oh well!

Liz said...

dang, girl, you did good! I'm especially loving Friday's sweet and simple look.

Shelly Hyde said...

Youre so cute Emily. Love that little Hayes of yours.

Juliana said...

Good job! That was a fun week!

Sarah loves it all said...

I especially love that skirt!!

jenna said...

impressive em.

and i know what agonizing torture taking these pictures were for you. and you look fab in all of them.

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