mama's lil' hipster

i realize this kid is one fixed gear bike away from a total and complete stereotype, 
but sometimes a gal can't resist.
in addition, he's got some really amazing moves too, as we discovered while listening to the sleeper hit "wild wild west" by cool moe dee.
and to top it off, he slept like a rockstar last night. 11 hours without a single stir?
you're blowing my mind, kid.
baby gap beanie, jeans & moccs. thrifted tee.
happy weekend!


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

those shoes are to die for.

cbass said...

Nothing like some toddler hipster irony. he's got mad skills.

Liz said...

hipster schmipster. no stereotypes here, only complete and utter adorableness.

[Morgan] said...

the shoes, the cheeks, the hat.
not sure what i love most:)

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