bon appetit.

i'm so happy the weekend is finally here! we've got a lot of fun things
planned with family & friends,
and i am dying to see Hayes in his costume.
i've been trying to persuade Russ to do a dry run so we can see it on,
but i just get the eye-roll.

i shared these blood spattered utensils i cooked up with my twitter friends the other day & thought you might want to see too:
you need:
☛a standard set of white plastic utensils
☛red acrylic paint (i used left over house paint thinned with nail polish remover.) 
☛something to lay under the utensils & over the part you'll put in your mouth
 ☛a few hours to let them dry before handling

using one of the forks & a flick of the wrist they turned out equal parts 
Jackson Pollack & Dexter Morgan.

super creepy & guess what?
absolutely free!
happy halloween boos & ghouls.
that's right, i said boos & ghouls.


Mallory said...

I love this! I am throwing a little kid Halloween party and this is just what it needs! THANKS!

emily+brett said...

so fun! i'm excited as well for this fun filled weekend. can't wait to see hayes in his costume. childrens costumes are the best!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

These are fantastic! What a cool idea to gross up a scary party! Happy Halloween!

Shorty said...

Awesome, creativity! I can't wait to see pics of Hayes.

Karissa and Mik said...

um obsessed. i need to have a party just so i can make these. do you know danielle carlsen? she mad cookies that look exactly like this for the new dexter season. great minds think alike.

Emma said...

they totally have dexter written all over them, so cool!

[Morgan] said...

Very cool! Hope you're planning to post pics of Hayes in his costume!

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