hello monday, you sneaky thing you.
definitely off my game today, this little duckling has his 2nd double ear infection in 3 weeks.
he's such a trooper, we never know he's really hurting until bed time.
still so sweet & happy, annnd clingy.
mix that with Russ' recent neck injury turned 3 day long migraine, would you believe me if i told you we still had a fun weekend? we totally did.

what did i tell you? the kid is always yawning.
we had two parties this weekend, the first one we had to dress as
Saturday Night Live skit characters, Gilly & Macgruber.
photo by Collin.
russ does hands down, THEE best Gilly dance impersonation, so clearly, he needed an opportunity to show it off.
if you can't cross dress on halloween, when can ya?

more pics coming your way...


chari-o said...

hehe...you guys look great! and Hayes looks SO cute!

jenna said...

let me bring by the shoes and some oils.
i think you're desparate enough to try them at this point.

Lindsey S. said...

haha. Love it!

Dana said...

Hi Emily, I'm sorry to hear that Hayes is still under the weather with his ear infection... I used to take my kids to a Chiropractor when they had ear infections. Sorry I didn't think of this sooner... It works!!

iamahoneybee.com said...

hayes looks sooo cute in that duck outfit.

Hope his ear infections clear up soon. I grew up with them and ended up having tubes put in both ears.

Lindsay said...

Fabulous pictures! That Hayes looks so cute! Ugh!! hope the ear infection thing goes away!

Brooke said...

oh my gosh! My daughter had that exact same costume for halloween! so cute :)

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