if you're going to go to Lake Powell, october may be the perfect month. 75 and sunny and only a few other fishing boats for miles.

now, i'm fairly certain that if we went on a Lake Powell trip with anyone other than this group, it would have been a complete disaster. we wrecked the boat within the first few hours of getting on the water, the houseboat wasn't working for the better part of a day. no one would rent us a boat or jetskis because they were already winterized, and Hayes was sick, sick, sick.

but because the buddies are the buddies we all still had a great time. they are the macgyvers of fun. if anything the circumstances forced us all to relax and really get a vacation.

some highlights include:

block party (as seen below) also known as the viking game "kubb"
rounds of mafia that had eternal marriages hanging in the balance
enough food to feed the multitudes
Hayes awake for an hour, asleep for an hour - all day and night.
cannonballs off the boat into 2 feet of water
tyson's trip uniform of a batting helmet & tie-dye shirt.
a good hour long conversation with the women of the trip solely on food.

Hayes also acquired a few new nicknames:
Hayeselweiss, Hayeser Blade, Hayeser Hair Removal etc.

until next year!


chari-o said...

wait...wrecked what boat?

Emily Frame said...

our boat. yikes. we haven't taken it in yet, but for sure a prop, most likely the shaft as well.

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