hey esé

tripod take II...
just trying to act natural, you know, get some candid shots of the "hard work" i'm putting in as a mother.
but, as soon as the shutter started opening, Hayes just stared right at the camera. i have probably 30 images just like these.

 it wasn't until afterward that i realized the uncanny resemblance to a prison inmate...
dollar store beanie, denim shirt & jeans baby gap, freshly picked moccs

& i'm loooving this one, when he gets excited he rubs his legs up and down like a cricket. 

inmates + crickets = most random post ever.
happy sunday!
hayes  is wearing: beanie - dollar store / denim shirt & jeans - babygap / cranberry moccasins - freshly picked.


Elaine said...

Haha!! Such a cute inmate!

CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

Nicole Marie said...

awww cute!! well at least he looks at the camera. my brothers hate there picture being taken and look away anytime i bring it out.

Melly Mel said...

so sweet. i love the chair you have in there.
i can see many night cuddling up to that and snuggling with your bug in it.
super cute em.

Bridget said...


kELLO! said...

hahaha this killed me. very funny :)

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