on thanksgiving muffin and his friends had their traditional turkey bowl football game-- in 13 degree weather. meanwhile, hayes helped me make my great grandma kay's yam apple tarte tatin.
sous chef snacking on ritz
then we headed over to my mom's for my favorite meal in the world.
hayes has never really had super sweet foods, not because i'm withholding them per se, but pretty sure he doesn't like sweets. he refuses to eat bananas, and he eats 3:1 veggies to fruit baby foods, and he doesn't like juice. ha. where did this kid come from?

casey, bethany, soon to be BIL tim, & charity
 i knew our family favorite, blueberry jello & cream cheese & pecan frosting was bound to make a good impression on him. NOPE! he took one bite of our bread stuffing, a couple nibbles of cranberry and a couple rusks (a british version of rolls.) it was the cutest thing ever to watch, until he threw everything up. he's been on adult grade antibiotic shots that make his little tummy upset. don't worry we've already got the ENT appointment to look into tubes.
all in all it was a great day & bonus+ i only ate 1/3 of what i usually eat because i was trying to keep a certain someone's helicopter arms out of everyone's water glasses.


Brittany said...

haha your little hayes is adorable! and yam apple tart tatin?? sounds delicious! happy belated thanksgiving!

Shorty said...

I love that the sous chef is eating Ritz. LOL

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